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Downtown in Business have collated some of our favourite tweets from the past seven days.

Here is what we liked this week!

This is a fantastic achievement by Downtown member Lucy Brady for the amazing charity Claire House

Downtown Liverpool in Business were hosts to Knowledge Quarter’s Invitation Only dinner.

Downtown member, Paul Cadman has been shortlisted for an award

Something ‘terrifying’ was spotted on Google Streetmaps

How would you judge them?

Prince Charles went in his father’s place to the Queen’s Speech

The Queen opened Parliament and laid out the government’s agenda for the next two years.

Police Community won Twitter this week!

DIB’s Colm Feeley knocked the Meme’s out of the park this week.

Yep, pretty much…

It’s taken Her Majesty a while to get her speech printed up, but what if…



Spoiler alert! It’s not very naughty.

Because it’s not Tweets of the Week without a Trump mention.

Uh Oh is right.


Amy Coney has put together an amazing piece of artwork based on Tony Walsh’s poem ‘This is the Place…’


It has not been a great week for the PM in the lead up to the General Election. But will it matter come the 9th June?

After last week’s atrocities, Liverpool and Manchester Metro Mayors led a minute’s silence at Sound City 2017.

We could all do with a good bromance.

Last week, Donald Trump met The Pope.


We’ve hit a wall and run out of terrible puns.

This story is labrador-able

An inter-office war is brewing at DIB. Who will come out victors?

A big well done to Downtown members Veeno.

Oh dear.

Need we say anymore?

One of the most important points of the GE2017 manifestos was revealed this week.

Downtown hosted a ‘Leaders Lunch with Sir Richard Leese’ this week.

Delighted to welcome our newest member @Blueprint_Int to the DIB network.

A massive congratulations to our friends at Agent Marketing.

@Better_By_Bus is a fantastic campaign, find ut more and get involved. Thanks to Health@work for the tweet.

Click on this tweet to see the full exchange. It is amazing from GMP.

Not a good statement from the PM.

Quite simply, amazing.

Well played Robbie, well played.

Science is amazing.

He was right, nobody did want to hear it!

Is Ed Miliband the new king of Twitter?

Need we explain this?

Lantei Compliance hosted a brilliant quiz last week and raised money for charity.

Sunday 30th April marked 1 year since the passing of the legendary Tim Bacon. Living Ventures marked the occasion with this lovely tweet.

It’s fair to say Luciana Berger wasn’t impressed with the PM’s interview with Andrew Marr

Tony Barrett isn’t too impressed with the PM in general…

Who is right here?

Boris Johnson was at it (again) this week. But what insult would he direct towards you?

MASSIVE news for Fazenda and cocktail fans.

If you are in Birmingham and a fan of Champagne and Oysters why not pay a visit to OPUS

Downtown Lancashire in Business took part in the fantastic lovelocalexpo in Lancashire this week.

Downtown Birmingham in Business hosted a #riseandgrind event with Urban Splash boss Tom Bloxham.

The charities selected for this years Liverpool International Tennis Tournament were announced.

Downtown Manchester in Business hosted a special breakfast event with Simpson Haugh boss Ian Simpson.

LoveBrum hosted a Patron’s Dinner this week.

It was the London marathon on Sunday and one man sacrificed his own time to help a complete stranger.

Erm… Possibly the greatest caption of all time.

Downtown French was not amused at the calling of a snap election.

There was a shocking revelation about Theresa May this week.

And Jeremy Corbyn was after the ‘Youth’ vote.

Jeremy Corbyn was also interviewed on Good Morning Britain this week…

Did Corbyn win this round of #PMQs?

Who did wear it better?

In news entirely unrelated to Politics. If you want to spot ‘Fake News’ Facebook has some helpful tips for you.

Kevin Spacey was announced as the host of the 2017 Tony Awards.

And some of the Downtown team received some lovely gifts this week.

It’s award season for Downtown in Business.

Downtown Manchester’s Colm Feeley had an amazing night at @grafeneMCR.

Golf, golf, golf.

This is a thyme-wasting tweet.

Days after article 50 was triggered rumours circulated that the UK and Spain would go to war for Gibraltar. Luckily the UK has some undercover agents in place.

And Brexit fallout continued with discussion of changing the colour of passports.

Paul Feig (he who directed the Ghostbusters remake) quite possibly won April Fools Day!

A new trailer was released for the epic TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ and some is still a bit confused.

And another Game of Thrones star was also frustrated this week. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

As expected #Brexit was a popular topic on Twitter this week.

It even had an argument to highlight that the noisy minority always voice their opinions more than the silent majority.

And #Brexit even became educational

This week also saw the broadcast of very emotional documentary starring Rio Ferdinand. This was a lovely tweet by his former employers Mancehster United.

And Downtown said goodbye to Sir Howard Bernstein with a special dinner this week.

This weeks tweets feature: Sir Howard Bernstein’s farewell, and #LancBoost17.

This week there could only be ONE tweet, but it will never stop being hilarious!

Last week Downtown Liverpool hosted the Women in Business Awards 2017.

And a massive thank you to #WIBA17 sponsors Restaurant Bar & Grill.

This week saw the Spring Budget 2017.

And Downtown’s CEO also had something to say on Budget 2017.

Tom Riordan discussed the importance of the European Capital of Culture 2023 bid for Leeds.

Downtown Manchester hosted the first event at Bruntwood’s Neo building in Manchester. A massive thanks to Chris & the team at Bruntwood for their hospitality.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

One of the most perfect replies about LGBT rights came from Bolton Wanderers this week.

Has Brexit just been summed up?

A handy new feature from Twitter was announced this week.

Another Ex-PM. Another Brexit warning.

An icon returned!

There was a bit of a mix up at this years Oscars.

Here’s a handy recap of #brexit.

There was a bit of a mix-up with one of The Guardian’s tweets this week!

This week saw what would have been the 67th birthday of the legendary Tony Wilson.

Friend of Downtown, Michael Finnigan, was his usual positive self. If this man doesn’t inspire you, then no-one will.

On Monday evening Downtown organised a special ‘Skills Power Panel’ that was hosted at Preston’s College.

This week Downtown Liverpool hosted a fantastic breakfast event that was sponsored by Currency Matters. We will have much more on the outcomes to this event very soon.

This is incredible. I mean…. were do we start? Wow! Just….. Wow!

A fantastic conference that we were thrilled to be part of.

It has not been a great week for Paul Nuttall.

In case you missed it. There was a Twitter war between JK Rowling and Piers Morgan. We think the ‘Wizarding Woman’ may have just won it. OK, maybe she won it by quite a bit!

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