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Breakfast with Nicola Horlicks

Breakfast with Nicola Horlick

A Downtown Manchester in Business “SPECIAL” event Attendee numbers are limited for this FREE event and will fill quickly, so please book early. Complimentary breakfast refreshments will be served Sponsored by: Nicola Horlick will be a familiar name to many as a world leader in business investment and finance. Downtown…

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Totally Frank

Better to be lucky than good?

It is often said that a lucky politician is better than a good one. If that is the case, then George Osborne will be sleeping easy in his bed as he continues his quest for the keys of number ten, because boy is he lucky! His U-turn on the tax credits issue in his autumn […]

Just Jim

Osborne for Prime Minister?

Leader in waiting George Osborne’s shameless U turn on tax credits and police cuts will be long forgotten if his gamble in believing in a continuing world of low inflation and interest rates pays off. In his six years as Chancellor, he has shown himself generally to have a pragmatic and politically sensitive approach. Made […]

Totally Frank

Start Up’s vital to business growth and vitality

The narrative from investment agencies, business support programmes and government in recent times has focussed largely on winning inward investment and growing existing ‘high growth’ businesses – or Gazelles as they are commonly known. Nothing wrong with that agenda per se, but to do so in the absence of a strategy for supporting and encouraging […]

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