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Business of the Month - September 2016 - The Regenda Group

The Regenda Group are Downtown Manchester's Business of the Month for September. The Regenda Group is a great quality, innovative property business, creating the homes people need. With around 13,000 properties across the North West, we have something for everyone, from modern city centre apartments and suburban family homes to supported housing for older people.…

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Pre-MIPIM UK, Downtown Manchester is now putting together a panel of key players from the region’s property sector for this important breakfast seminar, where we will look at opportunities in the city, issues that arise from such ambitious future plans, the value of MIPIM UK to Manchester... And more. We…

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DIB's Inbetweeners: Secret Networking

A call out to all the 21 to 35-year-old business savvy in Manchester. Secret Networking has arrived, but only for the most special crowd in this city… ‘Our Inbetweeners’. We’re all grown up now and need to be meeting with the other bright stars of the future. The Inbetweeners is…

Leades Lunch with Mike Ingall

Leaders Lunch with Michael Ingall

Downtown Manchester in Business, in association with XYZ Events, invites you to a special Leaders Lunch with Michael Ingall. CEO of Allied London, Michael Ingall is regarded as one of the country’s most influential people, playing a fundamental role in the UK’s property market, and especially in city centre redevelopment.…

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Totally Frank

Jeremy will Win, but he can’t Win

Barring a miracle Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected as the leader of the Labour Party in Liverpool at the weekend. The likelihood is that he will win even more handsomely than he did twelve months ago, making the Parliamentary Party’s attempted coup look even more ill- advised than I spelt out in a recent blog […]

Just Jim

Don’t expect a Labour split

Loyal till I die Perhaps fate has helped decide that Labour’s most dramatic conference in years should be held in Liverpool. The city will always be associated with the last time the party was under attack by Trotskyists with intimidation replacing reasoned debate at party meetings. Liverpool,as a city, has been transformed since the 1980s so […]

Just Jim

EU takes on the tax avoiders

Benefits of shared sovereignty One of the main arguments for the European Union and particularly its much derided Commissioners has been demonstrated this week. The Commission’s demand that Ireland recover 13bn Euros from Apple is an excellent example of where a supra national organisation can bust cosy deals between nation states and multinational companies in […]

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