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Business of the Month - July 2014 - Ph.Creative

Ph.Creative is Downtown Liverpool's Business of the Month for July 2014. Ph.Creative is a full service internet marketing agency specialising in the combination of online tools, techniques and strategies to effectively promote your business, create brand awareness and pro-actively generate qualified leads via your website and your full online estate. Find out more about Ph.Creative.

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Bernstein is Totally Frank at Downtown Conference

A hugely successful ‘Northern Revolution’ conference hosted by Downtown in Business last week at Manchester Town Hall featured a fascinating contribution from Sir Howard Bernstein. In an interview with Frank McKenna the Manchester City Council chief executive talked elected mayors, HS2 and 3, airports and much more besides. For a special report on the Frank…

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Brunch at the Venue Expo website

Brunch at the Venue Expo

Chester Racecourse and Downtown in Business would like to invite you to a complimentary brunch on Tuesday 2nd September in a VIP networking area at the Venue Expo. Downtown in Business guests will have the opportunity to peruse up to 200 exhibitors and take advantage of show features such as…

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Sexy Networking

Join Downtown Liverpool in Business for our next 'Sexy Networking' evening. No name badges, no formality and no boring speeches. 'Sexy Networking' simply offers you the opportunity to meet with leading businessmen and women. The only thing you need to bring is yourself - and plenty of business cards! Join…

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Livercool 2014

Where else would you see Mayor Joe Anderson dancing around a Christmas tree as an elf; Frank McKenna lips syncing ‘Relax’; China Crisis performing all their fabulous hits; John Bishop doing a 45 minute stand up routine; ‘sexy networking’ awards; aftershow parties that go on for days and individuals of…

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Just Jim


100 years ago the first shots were being fired in the First World War. At the end of it the Ottoman Empire was split up into the states that are involved in the awful carnage that we are seeing every night on our TV screens. The situation is serious and is already affecting us here. […]



On occasion I do get the strange impression that I have fallen in to a deep sleep only to awake in an episode of ‘Life on Mars’ as it becomes evident that twenty first century progress simply hasn’t reached some key, fundamental areas of society that by now ought to have been well sorted. This […]


The Big Partnership

There has been much talk in recent weeks from government ministers, shadow ministers and political commentators about the creation of a Northern ‘super city.’ Evan Davies presented this solution to the growing North – South divide in his two part documentary ‘Mind the Gap’ earlier this year, and it is something that has been picked […]

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