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Business of the Month - December 2017 - Fazenda

Fazenda is Downtown Leeds' Business of the Month for December 2017. Gaúchos pierced large pieces of meat and slowly grilled them over open flamed pits. At Fazenda, they want to keep this tradition alive. Their gaúcho chefs roast succulent cuts of meat in the way it has been done for centuries, preserving the individual taste of each…

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Grasping defeat from the jaws of victory

Last Thursday afternoon I sat down and wrote my weekly blog criticising Theresa May and her government for their failure to make any meaningful progress on Brexit. The following morning, as that blog was being published, a significant breakthrough by May and her team was being reported, with issues such as the Irish border, EU […]


Good cheer for foes of Brexit and Trump

Over the last year, it has often felt that the hard right is leading the UK and USA over the cliff. President Trump’s boorish behaviour was excused by his supporters. In this country, the narrow vote to leave the EU was being used by hard-line Brexiteers as a licence to cut us adrift from our […]


Brexit isn’t working – Why won’t the PM tell us straight

Another round of Brexit negotiations, and another week of chaos and shambles from a group of politicians who, laughingly, describe themselves as the government. The past seven days have confirmed what many of us have suspected for months. Theresa May is, as described by her former colleague George Osborne ‘a dead woman walking’. She is […]

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