Date Thursday 14th September 2017
Time 08:30 - 10:00
Location Huntley's Whalley Road Samlesbury

Downtown returns after the summer break with a Rise & Grind Special. Our guest speakers are Jeremy Coates CEO of Magma Digital and Liz Hardwick, Co-Founder of DigiEnable.

As part of Cyber Resilience Week, Downtown Lancashire in association with Magma Digital and DigiEnable presents Rise & Grind: The Cyber Session.

If you are in a business that employs staff who are ever online as part of their job, you should attend. As an SME, there are step you should take to help protect your business.

Cyber security is currently the hottest topic in business, and rightly so, following several high-profile global impact attacks in recent months, leading to astronomical losses in revenue, time and reputation for many organisations.

In addition, GDPR is new legislation that will impact on every business from 2018. Ignorance is not an excuse, compliance is a must. Jeremy and Liz will help guide you through to what is likely to be relevant to you and your business

This session will address the following questions/issues:

  1. Employees are a key variable often over looked – they can be the highest risk regarding Cyber Security. What can I do as an employer?
  2. Why should I be concerned with these issues as an SME, what issues should I be concerned about and what practical steps can I take?
  3. How do I embed a culture of cyber resilience in my employees and business?
  4. What precautions can employers take to protect their online reputation?
  5. How do I get ready for the new Data Protection legislation?