Colin Sinclair's MIPIM Report

This post was written 1 year ago and therefore may not be as accurate as more recent posts.

Genuine Liverpool.

It’s not hype. It’s a genuine feeling that something special is happening. A moment in time. A quiet confidence. Creeping in. Not boastful. Not loud. But it’s there. Liverpool. A city. A region. A place where optimism has replaced risk and where it seems opportunity is everywhere.

Liverpools cultural identity is a powerful thing. Long a global brand we’ve added science, health and innovation to the city’s reputation for sport, music, culture, museums and galleries, the port and tourism.

Momentum is with us now. Real momentum. People are talking about Liverpool wherever you go at Cannes. The word is that we are delivering.

The MIPIM delegation is bigger than ever this year. 88 people. Private sector led. Sean Beech (Deloitte) the man at the helm. Signature Living just one of forty private sector businesses funding the Liverpool stand and its events and activities.

The stand here is Liverpool HQ. Our showcase to the world. But it’s a social space too. A place where developers, investors, property professionals and the press and other cities too come to meet and do deals. It’s creative. Innovative. The tiered seating, designed by K2 Architect the star of the show. The stand is the most talked about space in the ‘Bunker’. The Bean coffee served on the stand is heaven. Over 4,000 drinks already served by the Bean team in under 3 days.

The next best stand in ‘the bunker’ to Liverpool’s was once again Barcelona, although it was noticeably quieter. Manchester had moved outside this year to the waterfront of the Palais – meaning that Ian Brown’s quote that Manchester has everything except a beach was finally nailed. The UK Government presence was bigger this year too. With a giant marquee and their Northern Powerhouse team noticeable at events and meetings – a clear statement of intent as Brexit begins.

This is Liverpool. An amazing city on a journey from regeneration to world leading. The Knowledge Quarter, Paddington Village, Wirral Waters, Festival Park.

We (KQ Liverpool) announced the £35m investment by privately funded Proton Partners International whose world leading Proton Beam Cancer Treatment centre will join the Royal College of Physicians on Paddington Village, next to the new Royal and Clatterbridge hospitals.

Science, health, innovation adding modern impetus to the a brand built on football and music and revitalised through culture.

Liverpool the city region. The leadership of Wirral and Liverpool together here as one under the global brand of Liverpool.

The future is LCR.

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