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Business of the Month - January 2018 - Braemar Estates

Braemar Estates are Downtown Manchester's Business of the Month for January 2018. Part of Rendall & Rittner Group, Braemar Estates is a leading property management company with a diverse portfolio of approximately 5,000 UK residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. These properties include some of the country’s highest profile developments with a combined value in excess of £1.2…

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In Conversation with Scott Fletcher

Downtown Manchester in Business will host an exclusive event with one of the city’s leading tech entrepreneurs Scott Fletcher on 24th January. In conversation with Downtown boss Frank McKenna, Scott will talk about his business journey, the highs, the lows and the challenges. He will also give his opinion on…


The Mancoolian Awards 2018, Sponsored by Manchester City Hospitality

Do you remember the giant, shocking pink lollipops? The crazy photo booth? Captain Manchester and his merry band of followers? The aftershow party at Neighbourhood that went on until the early hours of the morning? Then, of course, there were the award winners; Sandy Lindsey, Rowena Burns and Al Makin…


Powerhouse Progress Round Table with The Northern Powerhouse Partnership

The Northern Powerhouse has been an established government initiative for four years now. Greater Manchester is generally seen as being at the heart of the Powerhouse, and this exclusive Roundtable event will be reflecting on 'Devo Manc', the elected mayor's agenda for the region, and what next for devolution. Henry…

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Mayors Shine as National Politics Falls into Disarray

As a glass half full type of guy, I am usually able to see the positives in most things, but as we enter week four of 2018 I am struggling to muster anything other than despair and disdain for those politicians who are leading us at a national government level. Following on from her reshuffle […]


Carillion boost for Corbyn

The political tide should be running strongly for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. In the week when he has tightened his grip on the party’s organisation, the collapse of construction giant Carillion gives powerful weight to his arguments against privatising public services. The NHS is always a strong Labour card and the continuing crisis in our […]


Time for a new party?

If anyone thought that there was an opportunity for a fresh start for the Prime Minister and the government in 2018, then that thinking was quickly extinguished with a cabinet re-shuffle that was as shambolic and chaotic as the Conservative General Election campaign back in the Summer. The details of Theresa May’s attempts to reinvigorate […]

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